Best Paintball Gun

As with any sport where there are competing manufacturers of equipment and varying styles of play, the choice of the best paintball gun will always be a bit subjective. Depending on your field of play, you have the choice between smaller pistol type paint guns that are easier to maneuver in an indoor location or the larger rifle styles that can offer a full outdoor hunting experience.

Having begun in the early 1980's paintballing has seen rapid growth and a push toward legitimate recognition. When the sport was first introduced the only "marker", as the participants prefer to refer to their weapon, was the Nelson Paint Company's Nelspot 007 which was made for the forestry service as a means to mark trees from a distance. As paintball competitions became more common, new varieties developed. The "guns" became more complex and offered greater options such as loading mechanism and power source.

The industry standard is a paintball gun that will produce a maximum three hundred feet per second muzzle velocity. While it will still hurt some when hit even though it will not break the skin, many of the best paintball gun manufacturers build in a safety margin by producing their products with only a two hundred eighty feet per second marker that creates no more than eleven joules of muzzle pressure.

The Smart Parts "Ion" generally leads the field in critic reviews. This particular marker offers some of the most innovative paintball feed systems with the ability to switch from manual to auto feed for rapid fire a

ttacks. With interchangeable body shells, the "Ion" can be customized to fit the uniform of league teams or personal preference. On top of the many features it offers, the "Ion" also presents the consumer with a lower, more affordable price tag than most of its equally competitive counterparts.