Environmentally Friendly Xmas Decorations

Most of us love decorating for the holiday season, but we don't consider the impact that Xmas decorations might have on our environment. The fact is that more than 300,000 tons of waste is usually produced during the Christmas season. The good news is that there are steps that you can take to make your Xmas decorations more environmentally friendly this year. This means that while you are celebrating the festivities of the season, you can also rest assured that you are doing your part to put the "green" back in Christmas. It isn't hard to create an environmentally friendly holiday; all it takes is a little bit of information and some advanced planning.

O, Christmas Tree!

The Christmas tree is often the first Xmas decoration to get scrutinized when environmental responsibility comes into play. A fresh tree will take one of these beauties from its natural habitat. The artificial tree will add to the pollution problem because it is made from nonrenewable petroleum, and other synthetic substances. So which option can you take? The truth is that most fresh trees come from tree farms designed specifically for this purpose. And while that planted tree may only benefit our environment for 15 years or so (the time it takes for a Christmas tree to mature), chances are a new tree or two will go into the ground in its place.

On the other hand, while artificial trees may be made from products that are not recyclable, the number of years that you hang onto that artificial tree may help to offset the toll that it might take on the environment. To ensure that your Christmas tree is indeed "green," make sure that you buy your tree from a responsible tree farm that replaces all of the trees it cuts down. Keep your artificial tree for as many years as possible, to ensure that the environment is safe from the additional waste. With proper care, some of these trees can last a decade or more. And for the really environmentally conscious, select a "living" tree as your Xmas decoration that you can decorate indoors for the holiday, and then plant in your yard when Christmas is over.

Decking the Halls

As far as the rest of your Xmas decorations go; the longer you hang onto those baubles and bows, the more environmentally friendly they will become when they are not left to clog landfills. If a decoration breaks, try repairing it before simply tossing it to get a maximum life expectancy from your Xmas decorations. Use decorations that you can find in your own backyard, like evergreen branches and pinecones. And switch out your traditional Christmas lights with the more energy efficient LED strands. With a bit of effort, you can have the "green" Christmas that you have always dreamed of.