Common Features of an Espresso Machine With a Built in Coffee Maker

Some espresso machines are just that, plain espresso machines. Others offer a built in coffee maker with the espresso machine. If you are looking for a dual purpose espresso machine with a built in coffee maker, this article will help you by highlighting the features you need.

Features of Different Espresso Machines With a Built in Coffee Maker

There are three basic types of espresso machines that come with a built in coffee maker. The types are pump, steam powered, and lever.

Pump espresso machines get their water pressure by an electrical powered pump. Generally speaking, these espresso machines with a built in coffee maker are usually the most expensive models available. Most commercial grade espresso machines are of the pump variety.

A steam powered espresso machine with a built in coffee maker works by heating up the water to create pressure. These machines in general do not have the same pressure as the electric powered ones, but for casual home use they should be more than sufficient. These machines offer most of the features of the powered ones at a significantly lower cost. The other main drawback on these machines is that they have a tendency to break down with heavy use, although if they are only being used at home and not in a commercial capacity then they should be fine.

The third variety is the lever espresso machine. These machines are generally far cheaper than either the steam or electric powered versions. In addition they generally offer a superior espresso than steam ones as you have the ability to control the pressure by working the lever. The big draw back with these machines is that they can be difficult to use and would never work in a high capacity environment. If you are willing to put in a little bit of effort they do make an outstanding espresso.

All three varieties of espresso machines can offer a built in coffee make, which in general will be comparable in the quality of coffee it makes. The options that you really want to make sure that you get right is for making espresso, so take some time to weigh these before purchasing. If you main concern is just getting a good cup of coffee, you may want to look at getting separate coffee and espresso machines. While this may be a little bit more expensive, in the end you will end up with the products you desire. However, an espresso machine with a built in coffee maker can make a fine cup of coffee as well so weigh your options.