Creative Landscaping In Your Garden

It's not hard to be creative with landscaping. Essentially you can take old ideas and use them in a different way. Think of how to make your flowerbeds more interesting or how to turn ground you are not using for anything into a focus point. Be prepared to do things that you would not have thought of before. Also get ready to put some effort into your creative landscaping projects.

Being different often requires you be a little hardworking. Don't worry, you won't need to go out and buy a lot of books on the subject though that may help. Take a walk around your neighborhood and get an idea of what you like and see how you would like to make it different or improve on it.

Rock Gardens

Rock gardens are low maintenance and wonderfully easy to create. This is a creative landscaping idea simply because it is unusual. If you have an area in your garden that slopes and has good drainage then you have the perfect place for a rock garden. The plants that are suited for rock gardens don't like soggy soil.

You can use rocks already in your garden or you can order them specially. You need to dig the area that will be the garden and then line the perimeter with small stones. Place two or three large rocks in the bottom of the rock garden and begin to fill the spaces with smaller stones. You then add loose sand and topsoil over the stones and rocks in all the spaces.

Plants such as verbena, geraniums and any alpine plants will be perfect for your rock garden. You don't want plants that need to be sown. Bedded plants are ideal for this creative landscaping idea. Before planting the plants you want to add some compost to the small spaces for the plants to take root.

Now you need to create a stream with some flexible plastic tubing and a water pump. Run the tubing through the rocks so that the plants will receive water and then let the pipe rest in the pool of water so that it can pump the water onto the rocks. You want this to resemble a mountain like surface. It needs to look wild and a little untamed.

This creative landscaping idea can be taken further with the types of rocks you use. Make small rock gardens throughout your garden in varying sizes. Have the plants around the rock garden complement the theme.