Creating Beautiful Pond Fountains

Ponds are made more dramatic and beautiful with the addition of pond fountains. There are so many different kinds of fountains that it would be difficult to categorize each. In all cases, a water pump is used to simulate the fountain.

The size of the pond fountains all depend on the size of the pond itself. Pond fountains can also be many small ones or a really big one. The fountains can also be a single stream of water that can twist and turn depending on the mechanism use or it could be a spray fountain where a fine stream of water shoots from the source.

Fixtures for Pond Fountains

Some pond fountains are sourced directly from a pipe that spouts the water. This is usually for the smaller ponds which cannot accommodate big intricate pond fountains that need a lot of space for movement and design. These types of fountains are very simple to make and can satisfy your need for tinkling water. You can even have a small indoor fountain to put on your table.

Some fountains in indoor ponds are actually just placed in a tiered fixture that is in accordance with the space allotted to it. These are actually real fountains since the concept of a fountain is actually a tired one where the water flows merrily down from the very top. These are more of the traditional fountains and can be seen in many large homes and gardens as well as smaller sized houses. Many establishments also favor traditional fountains over waterfalls.

On the other hand, there are some fountains that pass through a fixture like a statue or a complicated source that will dictate the way the water comes out. Pond fountains that utilize frogs, mermaids and other statues can be very decorative and attractive to people who spend a lot of time near the pond. The sound of water is said to have a relaxing and soothing effect on most people, which is why there are many CDs out with waves crashing and raindrops.

Pond fountains are not only for beauty and ambience but they are also used to prevent stagnant water. The constant flow of the water pump that supplies the water for the pond fountains can also be utilized as a filtration system that will aid in the maintenance of the pond or water structure. Filtration is good for keeping the water clean and keeping the fish alive because too many algae and dirt can suffocate the fish.