Finding The Perfect Designer Handbag For The Right Occasion

Where people come up with ideas for designer handbags is open for debate, but sometimes it is as simple as seeing a celebrity using a bag in a non-traditional fashion. For example, when the public witnessed a celebrity carrying a small animal in their overly large purse, the designer handbag industry went gaga and developed dog bags, which are described as any bag large enough to carry a small pet. Of course, it does not stop with dogs as some designers have come up with cat bags as well.

Regardless of the manufacturer, there are several styles produced in a designer handbag including the coin purse, cigar box and the evening purse. Add to that the jelly purse, small backpacks and a photo purse, on which a favorite photograph is printed. Additionally, the sizes of the bags are not as important as the shape, color and style.

How the woman perceives her position also can be indicated by the designer handbag she carries and most business professionals will carry a power purse, usually made of leather in black or dark brown, but they are also available in vivid colors as well. The fun-loving individual will most likely be seen with a designer handbag thrown over her shoulder or a monogrammed mini backpack heading out on a shopping trip.

Popular Styles Beginning To Go Retro

While many of the newer popular designer handbag styles are made with linen or canvas, some of the styles from the early 20th century are beginning to re-emerge on the street. Beaded purses or those with a mother of pearl inlay that tuck discreetly under the arm are returning to fashion in many cities. Silver or gold lame are also beginning to make a come back, although their return may be slower.

Evening bags have possibly the most diversity in the materials, which include leather and cloth as well as silk and fur, embellished with sequins, pearls, beads and rhinestones. These types of a designer handbag are usually tall with a gathered top, unlike the cigar box purses, which is squat and rectangular in shape with typically a stiffer shape.

A designer handbag falling into the jelly category may be similar in color to a woman's shoes made of the same rubbery material and contain a matching coin purse. Choosing a designer handbag may take some purchasers several visits to the store while others become instantly enamored with a new design by their favorite designer.