Interesting Facts About Hawaii

Interesting Facts About Hawaii

Hawaii is truly one of the most gorgeous and exotic locations in the world, and it is no wonder it is considered as being one of the most popular tourist locations. Besides the obvious beauty and splendor of the area, there are some interesting facts about Hawaii that you should be familiar with, especially if you are planning on travelling to the Hawaiian Islands anytime in the near future.

Facts About Hawaii

Hawaii is a place known for being the most isolated population center on the face of the earth, and the Hawaiian Islands are the projecting tops of the biggest mountain range in the world, making them a goal to climb for most hikers and mountain climbers. There are different islands flowers and colors which are used to represent each separate island.

For Niihau it is the Pupu Shell and color white, Kauai the Mokihana and color purple, Oahu the Llima and color yellow, Maui the Lokelani and color pink, Molokai the White Kukui blossom and color green, Lanai the Kaunaoa and color orange, Kahoolawe the Hinahina and color grey, and the Big Island of Hawaii the Lehua Ohia and color red.

Another of the most interesting facts about Hawaii involves Honolulu. It is the largest city in the world and according to the state constitution any island not named as belonging to a county belongs to Honolulu. This means that all the islands within the Hawiian Archipelago that stretch to Midway Island are part of Honolulu.

Another important fact about Hawaii is that an underwater portion of the Hawaiian Volcanic Ridge and Emperor Seamounts extend to the northwest and north for another 1600 mils to make the entire Hawaiian-Emperor Volcanic Chain over 3100 miles long in total. It contains a whopping 107 volcanic mountains and represents the volcanism that has been going on in Hawaii for over 70 million years.

The fact that the Hawaiian Islands are biologically unique is another of the most interesting facts about Hawaii, and this is owing to their isolation. They were colonized initially by only the relatively few species of plants and animals that were suitably adapted for the long journey over 2400+ miles of open ocean. Over 4300 species of plants and animals exist only in the eight high islands, and the 1000 native plants evolved from as few as 280 original plan colonists and 100 endemic bird species developed from as few as 15 original aviators.