Facts about Stress and Coronary Heart Disease

There have been many theories linking stress and coronary heart disease in many studies. Stress has been defined as an element with which our body reacts to in a different and highly emotional manner. This response can cause a lot of physical reactions in our body as well. This is where the links to stress and coronary hear disease come up.

Link between Stress and Coronary Heart Disease

Research has shown that some individuals' involuntary reaction to stress is the constriction of blood vessels along with the elevation of heart rate and blood pressure. This results in a greater amount of blood passing through arteries and blood vessels that are constricting or shrinking. Frequent reactions like this bring to light the link between stress and coronary heart disease because the arteries will eventually succumb to the pressure of trying to perform efficiently under great stress.

Another possible link to stress and coronary heart disease is some individuals' reactions to stress by releasing adrenaline and noradrenalin in the bloodstream which in turn contributes to the increase of fatty acids in the blood. The frequent presence of fatty acids in the bloodstream can contribute to the fatty deposits in the arteries which will eventually lead to less blood and oxygen being carried to and from the heart. This can also lead to blockage of the arteries resulting in a stroke or a heart attack.

Taking Care of Stress and Coronary Heart Disease

If you have given thought to your health, it is likely that you have also blamed stress for a good many sickness and diseases that have entered your life. It is not only stress and coronary heart disease that you have to be careful of but also many other diseases that are borne from stress and other factors. Many other diseases are caused by frequent stress. Therefore, you must learn to deal with stress effectively from an early age.

If you are under constant stress, it is best to take steps to take things slow and give yourself a break. Taking breaks need not mean long vacations but also just a few hours of blank time and space where there is no one else but yourself and your well being. Having regular check ups will also help you determine your health and the amount of stress you can take. Learning stress relieving techniques might also help you deal with stress and coronary heart disease.