The Satisfaction Of Herb Gardening

Herb gardening is a very satisfactory pastime and can also promote better health for you and your family. You not only have a form of exercise and relaxation but you also manage to provide yourself with a healthy herbal alternative to unhealthy food and health remedies. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that the herbs you have are all home grown and organic.

Herbs are commonly used as health remedies and food additives to make food taste or smell better. Herbs are sometimes the leaves, flowers, stems, roots, bark and any other parts of the herbal plant that may be used. Herb gardening is a great way to start your past time as a gardener.

Tips For Herb Gardening

Having your very own compost heap or bin is a good way to start your herb gardening. Biodegradable dirt and other carbon based matter which can be used in the compost bin are usually added to several layers or soil. In a few weeks time, you will have yourself a nutrient rich compost pile which you can use during herb gardening. Herbs and the people who will use them will benefit greatly from organic compost and other organic ways to grow them.

Knowing which plants are great companion plants for your garden can also help your herb gardening experience and yield. Some plants get along well with each other while others do not. Some herbs and plants even grow better with specific companion plants beside them. It is better to first find out which plants go well with the herbs that you have chosen.

You can use containers to hold your herbs if you have limited space. Herb gardening need not be concentrated on wide open spaces and can be effectively done using pots and plant boxes within the house.

It is also a good idea to test the pH of your soil before you start herb gardening. You might need to add a little something to your soil to balance it out or you might really need to get a new kind of soil if you find out that the spoil you currently have is not suitable for planting herbs.

Setting Up Your Garden

If you have enough space to make a garden plot for herb gardening, you would be wise to start planning where the herbs you wish to grow would go. Some plants prefer direct sunlight and more water than others while others prefer sandy soil, etc. Consider the conditions of the area you want to do your herb gardening before starting.