Why You Should Home School

With over one million home school families in the United States, there are bound to be many reasons why so many people are choosing home school over a more traditional type of education. Basically, the reasons why they home school can be divided into three main groups.

Academic Reasons

The results are in and it's a proven fact that home schooled students receive better test grades than their public school counterparts. This can be a result of the personal one-on-one attention each child has, or it can be because the home school environment is more learner-friendly. That simply means that a child can learn easier in an atmosphere that is free from the stress factors that are in traditional classrooms. These conditions can be peer pressure, or even frustration at the teacher moving too quickly or too slowly in subjects. In a home school, every student receives a quality education, and no one can "fall through the cracks". It's easy to see why academics are one of the main reasons why parents home school.


This issue is like a line drawn in the sand, separating opponents of home schooling from those who embrace this form of education. Most home schooling parents will tell you that this aspect is a vital reason in why those chose home schooling. Separating their children from the effects of negative peer pressure allows them to fully concentrate on the studies. Research has dispelled the popular myth, which states that a home schooled child will not be able to socialize in the "real world". On the contrary, students from a home school background have better levels of communication skills, more confidence and the ability to make independent decisions. Home schooled children are also exposed to a greater variety of people, instead of merely being grouped with those of their own age, as in a traditional school setting. This gives the home schooled student a greater appreciation and patience when dealing with various age groups.

Spiritual Reasons

Spiritual reasons are another main aspect in why parents choose home schooling. Parents are able to teach their children according to their spiritual beliefs, therefore providing them with a solid moral framework in which to approach life. Controversial issues like evolution and sex education can be discussed with a spiritual relevancy. Respect for the Bible, our nation's leaders and the family unit can be displayed through the parents' lifestyles and actions, giving their children excellent examples to follow.