A Cheap Honeymoon Is Better Than No Honeymoon

Today's economic climate is causing more people to have to find ways of economizing. Unfortunately this means economizing on things such as their wedding day. No expense is spared for the more important things like rings and reception halls but other aspects of the wedding ceremony suffer when the budget is tight. Many people decide that instead of spending money on a honeymoon now they will hold off and take a honeymoon someday in the future. Unfortunately that someday never comes for many people.

You also have to remember that you only get one wedding day and one chance at a real honeymoon after the wedding. Two years after the wedding is no longer considered a honeymoon, it becomes just a vacation after that. Chances are that after two years it becomes a family vacation after adding a baby or two and suddenly the chance at a real honeymoon is gone. In some cases it may be better to plan a cheap honeymoon for immediately after the ceremony rather than have no honeymoon at all.

You can plan a cheap honeymoon for yourselves immediately following the wedding and maybe plan a lavish vacation some time later when you can afford it. It is understood that the term cheap honeymoon just doesn't sound appealing as an option for after your wedding but if you think of it as the best honeymoon you can afford at the time as opposed to a cheap honeymoon then it may be easier for you to accept. There are many things you can do for a cheap honeymoon that can be fun and memorable.

Get In The Car And Drive

No matter where you live there is always some little get away kind of place that offers the nicest bed and breakfast lodges and things to do that are very inexpensive. Perhaps it is someplace you have never gone before. If you live in the northeastern United States and have never been to Niagara Falls then maybe you could head to the honeymoon capital of the world for a few days. A cheap honeymoon can be limited to only a few days and can be someplace you would drive to save on airfare and car rental. It may not seem romantic but don't knock it until you try it.

Everyone should have some sort of honeymoon and if a cheap honeymoon is all you can afford then by all means go on a cheap honeymoon. You will have plenty of chances to go on vacation as your life moves on but you only get one chance at a honeymoon.