Kidney Stone Diet Guidelines

Based on studies, kidney stones are often caused by poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. Eating foods that are rich in calcium and protein plus lack of physical activities often promote kidney stone formation. To help prevent and treat kidney stones, it is best to follow a strict kidney stone diet.

There have been proofs that people who live in tribes have a low sickness and mortality rate because of the food that they eat. Most tribesmen eat fruits and vegetables making them free from diseases and other ailments. Most of them have an average life span of 90 years while in the city you are considered lucky to reach the age of 70 years old. This just shows how healthy foods can promote good health.

If you have kidney stones then you must follow a proper kidney stone diet. We all know that living healthy can be difficult these days but aiming for it should be one of your top goals. If you are interested in kidney stone diet, below are some guidelines for you to follow:

* Kidney stone diet requires drinking lots of water every day. Ideally, at least eight glasses of distilled water every day.
* Eat lots of foods high in fiber like fruits, vegetables, salads, grains and oat meal.
* Lessen protein intake especially from meats. Abstain from meats as much as possible because they are high in protein that heavily contributes to the formation of kidney stones.
* Eat dairy products that are high in calcium. Calcium from dairy products is good in dissolving kidney stones.
* Do not eat salty foods. High sodium contributes greatly to kidney stones.
*Abstain from sodas as much as possible because they contain phosphorus, the buildup of which leads to kidney stones.
* Do not eat anything that is high in sugar. Sugar also promotes higher risks of kidney stone formation.
* It is important not to lounge after eating. You should go out for a short walk after eating to prevent kidney stone formation because exercise helps digest the foods that we eat. The longer the food stays in our intestines the more prone we are to having kidney stones.

Following a strict kidney stone diet will not be easy at first especially if you are used to eating too much meats, salty foods and drinking sodas. However, experts and people who have tried it say that it would take only about one to two months depending on the person for you to see significant results.

If you are really serious in preventing kidney stones then be sure to follow all of the guidelines above. After all, you would not like to spend a lot of money on different treatments like shockwave treatment, surgery and medications.