Finding Help With Your Low Carb Vegan Diet

If you are planning a low carb vegan diet you probably are stuck looking for recipe ideas. Well never fear this article is going to help by pointing you in the right direction. The key to planning a good low carb vegan diet is knowing your foods well. Take several different kinds of foods that you plan to cook regularly and get familiar with them.

Foods To Incorporate Into Your Low Carb Vegan Diet

The one thing to be careful of when planning your low carb vegan diet is to be careful of vegetarian low carb recipes. Many of these recipes will contain animal products in them and as you know that is not what the low carb vegan diet is all about. So I would suggest finding a few simple foods and then developing your own recipes off of that. Below I am going to outline some suggestions.

The best and most adaptive vegan food you can use is tofu. You can do just about anything you want with this wonder product. Whether it is mimicking eggs or making a recipe that highlights its actual flavor, tofu reigns supreme in the low carb vegan diet world. The problem is matching things with the tofu to keep the diet low in carbohydrates.

If you are looking for explosive flavor and versatility, peppers are a great choice. Unfortunately when used in vegan cooking their flavor tends to dominate a dish. While this is nice once in a while, peppers and tofu every night can get a bit old. So you probably will want to find some alternative low carb vegetables to use in place of peppers for the off days.

Peanuts are a great source of protein and when cooked properly can make a wonderful sauce. A tofu dish with peanuts, hot spices and coconut milk can provide a very unique and delicious meal. On a low carb vegan diet you cannot really have any rice, but you may want to look at bean sprouts as a replacement.

Carrots are another vegetable that are strong and flavor and offer you something unique to liven up your foods. They are rich in nutrients and can add a completely unique flavor to any dish.

As you can see you have many options for your low carb vegan diet, do not be afraid to experiment and mix and match foods. Start with the ones outlined above and see what you can create.