What is a Beauty Makeup?

Makeup is a very essential must-have for every girl or woman in town. Not one can leave the house without a lip gloss or face powder in her bag. For ladies, it's always been wise to keep one's self handy with a single makeup. Sure it keeps us look good and beautiful but more than that it also helps one to feel good and confident knowing that he or she looks neat and presentable. If you don't have one yet you better hit the makeup store right now, choose the right color, and beat that ugly pale and dull look on your face.

But do you know that not all makeup can make you look beautiful? Although it could also be due to wrong application method, the type of makeup can also determine on how you would look. One should be aware that there are two types of makeup namely the prosthetic makeup and the aesthetic makeup. One should know the difference between the two to save him or her from buying the wrong makeup, wasting money, and, worst, getting the wrong look for your face.

Prosthetic makeup is usually known as the "effects makeup". If you're a lover of fantasy movies, take note of mythical characters that depict non-human forms. For those actors to get that look, prosthetic makeup is applied to them. Perhaps, it could take an effect where you would look radiantly glowing but it would also be impractical on your part. Prosthetic makeup is not only heavy on the pocket but on the face as well. It takes a different texture that if applied on the face would look noticeably thick.

Aesthetic makeup is what we commonly know as the beauty makeup. It takes the form of foundation, face powder, lipstick, lip gloss, eye color, and blush-on, among others. So if you're on the hunt for a makeup make sure that it's the beauty makeup type, which you can buy in many beauty shops in the mall. You can also order it online. Beauty makeup is not only budget-wise compared to prosthetic makeup but also the right makeup for your skin. It's light and easy to apply. As what its name suggests, beauty makeup is really designed to make you look radiantly beautiful, which would also depend on your ability to apply it correctly.

So if you want that celebrity glowing look everywhere you go, never miss bringing a beauty makeup.