What Types Of Meditation Are There?

Meditation is a form of mind and body control and connection that scientists have looked at as well as being part of many religions. The process of meditation involves a hyper focus on either something on the outside, a picture, statue or even sounds can be outside stimuli for meditatation. The other way to meditate is by becoming very inner aware. This involves steadying the mind by controlling the thoughts that scatter through out it.

There are several types of meditation but both use techniques to slow down breathing and narrow the minds focus. From there the journey may vary to include traveling throughout the body or by controlling pain.

Guided Imagery

There are several types of meditation that are seen in our modern world. The practice of guided imagery is one of the types of meditation that scientists have even studied. Guided imagery meditation is used often in patients with cancer or that have chronic pain. This is one of the types of meditation that takes patients on a journey through their own inner self. The idea behind this type of meditation is that the patient then seeks out the cancer (or whatever illness they have) and destroys it or discovers where the pain is and helps to stop it.

Many clinics that deal with cancer patients offer guided meditation to their clients. The idea is that a person has the ability to make themselves healthy and destroy the cancer or control the pain.

Another type of meditation that is often seen is one that is used by women in child birth. Lamaze is a form of pain control that many women use. This is one of the types of meditation that can be seen used on a daily basis. The idea is that a woman concentrates on controlling her breathing and this form of self-hypnosis helps control the pain of child birth.

Other types of meditation include yoga. Yoga incorporates controlled breathing and a narrowing of the minds focus that leads to a higher level of relaxation and control.

By using meditation, many find that they are more relaxed, they have health benefits including lowered blood pressure and that they have reduced stress in their lives. The different types of meditation all have the common factor of involving a state induced by controlled breathing and relaxation that then has side benefits to improve a person's physical as well as emotional well being.