Why You Need A Power Tool

People always stare in awe at something like the great pyramids or the Great Wall Of China because they know that those kinds of projects were completed without the use of a single power tool. People always remark that if they could build such precise and wonderful structures hundreds of years ago without a single power tool then we should be able to do the same thing in this day and age. Machines were created to help lift man's burden and something that people do not realize is that while the accomplishments of those civilizations were impressive some of the work was done by laborers that died during the course of construction. One estimate had the largest of the great pyramids at costing billions of dollars to build in today's monetary terms. Back then a king had to conquer many enemies and steal their wealth in order to take on the building projects he was planning back home for his own people. Can you imagine what life would be like today if every time a country wanted to build something new they had to conquer another nation and steal their wealth to do it? Thanks to the power tool that is no longer necessary.

Oh yes, the power tool is one of the main reasons why vast armies of unwilling laborers are not needed anymore to complete huge construction projects in a fraction of the cost that was needed back in the time of the ancient kings. Now try and imagine if those ancient kings had a power tool or two to use in their projects. They could take their vast imagination and create an empire more vast than what they really did create. Of course there was no where to plug the power tool in back then but they could have figured something out I am sure.

Today's Simplest Tasks

Today the power tool has reached a price point where you do not need to be a rich construction company to be able to afford one and benefit from them. Simple tasks like putting together pre-fabricated furniture become easier with a power tool and the pain and suffering that the husband would endure to build that entertainment center would be greatly reduced as well. Thanks to technology the average male can save the skin on their hands because a power drill can do all of the work for them. It truly is a beautiful thing.

So the next time you look at a power tool do not take it for granted. Thanks to the technology there are no random wars to fund massive construction projects and entertainment centers all over the world are getting built with less bloodshed. It all evens out in the end.