Video Security Camera Completes Surveillance System

Video Security Camera Completes Surveillance System

It has often been noted that the quality of a video surveillance system is only as good as the quality of the video security camera being used. Understand that the cameras used for video surveillance are similar to movie camera and the images they provide need to be clear and clean and preferably in color. In addition to the quality of the video security camera, the size and type of lens being used can make or break the output quality of the recorded image.

For most general applications, an 8mm lens with an automatic aperture on the video security camera is recommended in areas where variable lighting may affect the picture quality. On areas near doors or windows susceptible to changing sunlight conditions, the varifocal lenses adjust to the lighting almost instantaneously insuring a clear image of the area under surveillance. For areas where the lighting does not change, a manual lens can do a great job without the added expense of the automatic lens.

Before buying a video security camera, make sure you understand the purpose it is expected to serve. If it is only to provide an image for monitoring an area, a cheap camera will probably suffice. However, if you expect the video security camera to produce high-quality images if needed to be used for evidence in court, a better quality camera and lens will do a much better job.

Recording Equipment Also Key To Quality Images

Even the best video security camera equipped with the best lenses can be utterly useless if the recording device is substandard. This is especially true when using videocassette tapes, as they will degrade with each subsequent use. Many businesses and private individuals use tapes as opposed to digital video recorders due to the cost, but after about eight to 10 uses, the tapes will need to be replaced.

Additionally, when recording on tape, especially through time-lapse photography on which up to 24-hours on a T-160 tape is possible, the images may appear jumpy as some of the frames are skipped during recording to allow for the extra recording length. The type of video security camera used is irrelevant as the images will jump regardless of the camera quality.

For subversive video surveillance, a pin-hole video security camera can be used. These are often placed through walls or ceilings through which a pinhole is all that is needed to obtain video footage. They can also be disguised in smoke detectors, flower vases and even buttons for hidden surveillance purposes.