Singapore tours

A Singapore tour is the best way to get around Singapore and see the sights if you have not traveled here before. By traveling with an experienced tour operator or guide, you are able to see places and attractions that you may otherwise either not have heard of or were unable to visit yourself.
Some locations are actually only accessible by guided tour which means that if you are traveling independently, you will miss out on these awesome experiences.

If you are visiting Singapore for the first time then one of the best Singapore tours to take is the Singapore City Tour which takes in Chinatown, Botanic Gardens and Little India. You'll see the Parliament House, Supreme Court and City Hall. Next you'll visit Merlion Park and see The Merlion; an iconic Singapore attraction.

This tour also takes you to a great temple; the Thian Hock Keng Temple. You'll also spend time at the spectacular National Orchid Garden. This is a fantastic orientation tour and is a must for any first time Singapore visitor!

For the more adventurous, try the Johore Bahru Malaysia Tour. This is an exciting tour because you get to drive across the causeway which links Singapore and Malaysia.

Take a tour of Johore Bahru and Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque. This is a very old mosque (1900) and is exceptionally beautiful.

You'll also visit a Muslim cemetery called The Royal Mausoleum. This is the resting place of Royalty of Johore Bahru. If you enjoy architecture then you'll love this experience.

The Johore Bahru Malaysia Tour is a cultural delight. If you wish to explore the culture of Singapore and Malaysia more then this is the tour for you. If on the other hand you simply want to navigate your way around Singapore City and see the sight sand sounds it has to offer, then the Singapore City Tour is a fantastic choice.

Regardless of which tour you choose to undertake in Singapore, you are going to love every minute of it as you explore new and exciting places under the guidance of an experienced operator.