Solar Mini Panel Used In Small Home Projects

As interest in solar power continues to increase, many people are finding uses for the technology and experimenting with ways they can benefit their lifestyle while reducing the cost of electricity. A solar mini panel can be used in small appliances such as outdoor pathway markers, eliminating the need to bury electric cables underground as well as eliminating the potential shock hazard to children and pets.

The use of solar power is beginning to catch on for outdoor products as they eliminate the need for electricity to be extended to the device, which makes installation considerably easier and less labor intensive. Although there are limitations on what can be operated by a solar mini panel, it is also possible to connect several of them together to provide more power. For example, two six volt panels connected in series will provide 12 volts, although the amount of amperage produced will need consideration before putting them in place.

Solar power can be used for outdoor lighting as well as for powering water pumps for fountains located in remote areas of the property, making installation easy and accessible. Solar mini panels can also be used to power toys, such as home made projects requiring small motors, without the need to keep replacing batteries.

Devices Only Work During the Day

As will all devices operated by solar power, once the sun goes down they will no longer work. Outdoor pathway markers have got around this problem by using small batteries inside the lights that charge during the day and operate the lights in the evening. For items that do not require night time use, solar mini panels can operate them all day long.

Kids can be introduced to the prospect of solar power in a fun way by experimenting with a solar mini panel and a few lights or small electric motor. If the parents still have some of the older construction toys, such as an erector set, the motor can be replaced with one that uses solar power, connected to a solar mini panel to operate in the sunlight.

However, many of the solar mini panels can also produce power when exposed to bight light such as a flashlight. Using a solar mini panel connected to a small motor, the vehicle can be designed to run when a bright light hits the panel and when the light is turned off, the vehicle will stop. This can be an educational way to discuss solar power with children.