Table Tennis Sports: Yesterday and Today

Like most evolution of popular sports, the table tennis sports also have begun as a mere social diversion to boredom. Descend the roots and grounds of both badminton and lawn tennis, the table tennis initially emerged as the sport for the wealthy and the royalties.

It gained popularity in England in the later part of the nineteenth century. It had several names like Whiff-Whaff and Gossima. But the most popular amongst all of the other alternate names it is called is the Ping Pong. The name Ping Pong was adopted as an imitation of the distinctive sound it makes as the ball is hit by the paddle. After the creation of the name, the table tennis sports have become a fancy craze.

Today, the table tennis sports have been played both competitively and recreationally, the latter being the most popular. Although, only a mere 1 percent of the total number of people play the table tennis sports competitively, it still made its way to be named as one of the most popular sports in the Olympic Games. There are even many modern references and illustrations of the sport being played, most of them being in a domestic surrounding.

Competitive table tennis sports are popular both in Europe and Asia, although United State has also been coping up with its popularity. During the infancy years of the sport, it was dominantly popular in the Central Europe and most table tennis sports competitions were dominated by Europeans. However, by the dawn of the 1950's, Asia emerged as the breeding grounds of new champions. Countries like Japan, China, and Korea are considered a regular power house of the table tennis sports.

The most important table tennis sports international competitions are the World Championships, World Cup, the International Table Tennis Federation Pro Tour, and of course who could forget about the Olympic Games.

Today, China continues to dominate most of the Championship titles; however, other countries like France, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan, and former Yugoslavia have proven to be tough team to beat as well.

This miniature game of tennis has really come a long way from its modest beginnings. Today, it has climbed to be the third most popular sports by number of regular participants along with volleyball and basketball respectively. It may not be the table tennis sports that were historically known to be a sport for the rich and the famous. Now, any body of age and fitness level can enjoy the table tennis!