Going Through the Yoga Teacher Training Process

Going through the yoga teacher training process can be incredibly rewarding, not only because you will learn how to use the benefits of the yoga exercise on yourself, but because you can help others to do the same. There is a specific yoga teacher training regime that must be undergone in order for one to receive their yoga certification, and it begins with the learner understanding about yoga in general and about what is involved with it.


Yoga is a holistic practice of ancient techniques, which are brought together in an effort to better stimulate the flow of energy vortexes known as chakras. Yoga is truly a direct experience of the vast interrelatedness of all life and all things, and brings together mind, body and soul.

It helps you to gain a better, more realistic perception of life and about who you really are as a person, and it is about transformation more than any physical or other gain. A full yoga session is comprised of a number of different yoga postures, or asanas as they are properly referred to. The different postures or asanas include: lying postures, sitting postures, forward bends, twisting postures, back bending postures, and inverted or upside down postures.

Yoga Teacher Training

To get started in yoga teacher training the first thing you are going to have to do is determine what particular yoga course you are interested in taking. This will depend on whether you are interested in teaching children, adults, or seniors, and whether you would like to focus in yoga therapy, yoga in-service training, or yoga relaxation, for instance.

Remember that as a yoga teacher you are going to be instructing others on the various different positions that are involved within the exercise, and show them how to properly control their breathing, and perform meditation and visualization techniques. You will need to be able to design courses and lesson plans, teach preparatory movements including joint mobilizing and muscle warming techniques, teach efficient breathing habits from basic to pranayama, and assess students' progress and achievements.

The yoga teacher training process can definitely be very intense, but well worth it if you enjoy the exercise of yoga and would look forward to living it out as a career. By helping introduce others to the art of yoga and the benefits that are involved with it you will also be making yourself feel better as a person because you will see how positively it affects these people and how better off they are afterwards.