Learning About Tantra Yoga

Out of the many different forms of yoga that you can practice, Tantra yoga is easily one of the most popular. Although rather complex to explain, Tantra yoga is basically a holistic approach to the study of the universal from the point of view of the individual. The general aim of this particular form of yoga is to expand awareness in all states of consciousness, whether waking state, dream state or sleep state.

Tantra yoga works by providing the methodology and tools that are necessary in order to achieve this, and teaches students to be able to better identify the various factors that are influencing their thoughts and feelings, so that they can lose any of those which are negative and start on their way to leading a better and happier life.

The Purpose

The literal meaning of the term tantra is to expand or transform, and thus is the purpose of Tantra yoga. This form of yoga is also very interrelated with tantric sexual processes, and the Tantra here is a basic ancient Hindu practice that mixes meditation and non-orgasmic sex in order to attain a state of perfect bliss. The skill in developing ways of delaying orgasm and manipulating one's ability to control the climax is what is truly important here.

The ritual is generally and rather loosely based on activating the human energy centers, known as Chakras, which hold the potential to reach cosmic awareness. It is believed that the human body has 6 different main Chakras, one at the base of the spine, near the navel, near the heart, near throat, between the brows, and most importantly the genitals.

It is believed that everyone has the ability to have Tantric sex, and all it really requires is clear thinking, commitment and of course, most importantly, patience. You will have to start by dismissing the notion that the end goal of sex is to have an orgasm, because by thinking this way you will never be able to experience the pure bliss that can be attained from practicing the Tantra.

A certain amount of rethinking of existing sexual ideas is necessary, as you basically have to become a blank slate here and start over. It is a great activity for couples to take part in together, as they can bond and become closer in their relationship by learning about the methods of Tantra yoga and Tantra sex together. It can often be a rather lengthy process to begin experiencing the bliss but you will definitely have a good time throughout the process with your partner.