Understanding Namaste Yoga

If you have ever walked through the sports, exercise and fitness section of a consumer electronics shop you have probably seen a number of DVDs on sale offering to instruct you in Namaste Yoga. Now, yoga is a word you are familiar with, but what about the "first name" of Namaste? What does that refer to?

Well, in order to understand what Namaste yoga is one need to realize that not all systems of yoga are identical. Now, this is not to infer that some styles of yoga are better than others (it would be best to let individual students make the decision on what is better for them based on their on personal experience), rather it is simply meant as a means of pointing out the fact that there are different styles and systems of yoga and each has their own special plan and methodology.

Of these various schools of thought and yoga study methods, the term Namaste yoga has been a term that many people have appropriated to describe a school of thought in regards to teaching yoga.

What Does It Mean

Namaste is a term from the Indian language that refers to the term "I bow to you." This is a form of respect and it is usually stated while bring one's hand together in a steeple position while bowing at the same time. This is usually performed at the beginning and end of a class and the words "Namaste" is stated while doing this. This is an interesting addition to the western classes on yoga as it maintains a connection to the origins and the spiritual roots of the art.

In terms of a particular school of Namaste Yoga, most of the exercise videos on the subject seem to be a collection of basic yoga exercises. These basic exercises are designed to introduce the student to the study of the art as well as to provide those simple exercises that can be performed without the need for oversight by an instructor. Now, that does not mean one does not need an instructor to learn yoga, but for those who do not have access to such an instructor any number of Namaste yoga DVDs can aid in providing the impetus for learning the art.

Yoga is an excellent form of exercise and those looking to take part in it for physical benefit are making a wise choice. However, as the term Namaste infers, there are a number of historical and cultural aspects to the art that should be learned as well.