Ipod tips: How to choose your iPod

Since Apple released the original iPod units in November 20, 2001, the iPod has undergone several revisions. From 5GB of storage capacity, the iPod now has up to 40GB that can store thousands of songs, including smart user interface features. If you still have the original iPod, wouldn't you wish you bought a unit only recently for an essentially lesser price but years away in technology?

Look for iPod tips in choosing the right time to buy an iPod. Other iPod tips maybe found all over the internet because of the worldwide popularity of this tiny, but utterly powerful media player. For existing iPod users, watch out for iPod tips coming out several times a year.

One of the most practical buying iPod tips is to make a purchase anytime you need to have the companionship of an iPod. After all, it doesn't really matter what season of the year you buy. Change is constant and Apple makes sure of that to keep the lead in the trends. Apple bases their annual updates on the pace of the consumer electronics industry.

In pace with revisions, Apple rarely changes the case design of each new iPod models faster than a year since its release. However, you can expect the internal components (such as storage capacity or storage bumps) to have updates every 4-6 months or more, again depending on trends in the industry. For you iPod tips, there are little overall changes in less than a year.

Apple keeps your choices to four types, and never five. This is to make room for the latest model. Currently, the iPod lineup consists of four models: nano, U2 iPod, iPod, and shuffle. iPod tips on products are generally the same all throughout so always remember them.

Do you need iPod tips on what to do with your old iPods in case the new product comes in? iPods do sell like hotcakes especially during new product releases, but your old iPod still has value. You can re-sell your iPod when the release of the new product has been announced. And at what price should you re-sell your used iPod? Apple has laid down the monthly depreciation value of old iPods. Three months after your purchase, the iPod is worth 83% its original price, 76% after six months, 62% after 12 months, 51%, 42%, 28%, and 20% after 18months, 2 years, 3 years, and 4 years, respectively.

Depending on the price of the new release and the age of your iPod, you will probably have to shell out a few hundred dollars to be able to purchase the latest release. This is one of those iPod tips you should never forget if you don't want to get stuck with your old iPod.

Always look for updates but don't fall into the trap. What you have could only be slightly different from what's new.