Baby Products

From the moment your new baby is born it will begin to collect items just for its use. These products may be simple at first, diapers, powders, cloth wipes and a bag to carry it in. The new baby will need soft blankets and warm clothes to keep it protected from the elements. Soon your child will be needing bottles for formula. If you are taking your new baby anywhere, you will need to install a child safety seat in your vehicle.

By the time your child is a few months old, toys will be needed to help it on its way to distinguishing colors and shapes. At this age they do not have to be complicated and will better serve the child if they are big, soft and bright. The move from breast and bottle to feeding itself will bring the need for a baby sized spoon to eat off of and the ever present sippy cup for drinking. A child sized chair with built in tray will become an important part of baby's furniture. Not only will it serve your child well at meal times but gives it the advantage of being on the same level as its parents.

An automatic swing can be a great comfort for a small baby. It can give them the familiar sensation of movement they knew in the womb and the rhythmic motion can aid in getting the small one to sleep. Once the legs begin to work, a seated walker can help strengthen leg muscles in preparation for that first big step. While the first baby shoes may have been for show, the adventure of walking will soon require more functional footwear.

The greatest concern for any of the products you get for your child is that they do not have small parts that can be swallowed, are fragile enough to be broken into dangerous fragments or that they are decorated with unsafe paints.