Planning A Baby Shower Made Simple

Hosting a baby shower is a lot of fun. With careful planning, the party will be an event to remember. If you want a smooth party without any glitches, use these easy tips when planning a baby shower.

Planning A Baby Shower Tip Number One: Get A Guest List

No one gives themselves a baby shower. As a result, the hostess of a baby shower most likely doesn't know everyone in the guest of honors circle of friends. It is important to ask the guest of honor for a list of the people she would like you to invite. If you have limited space or a limited budget, decide early on how many people you can comfortably host and ask the guest of honor for a list of the exact amount of people you are willing to host. By being specific and upfront with the guest of honor, you will avoid misunderstandings or hurt feelings down the road.

Once you have a guest list, complete with addresses and if possible phone numbers, you can start to hash out the details of your party. Planning a baby shower without having a guest list in place makes it hard to decide on a menu, venue, and even the number of games or activities you hope to have.

Planning A Baby Shower Tip Number Two: Delegate

Often more than one friend or family member is interested in throwing a baby shower and as a result there can be hurt when someone else's offer of hosting is accepted. Always ask the guest of honor if any of her other friends or family wanted to throw her a shower or get involved in the one you are hosting. You can save yourself a lot of work by delegating out simple tasks. How much you delegate is up to you. You can have someone pick up the cake you ordered or you can give the task of ordering and choosing the cake to another friend. If crafts aren't your thing, put someone else in charge of party favors or decorating. You can even ask an outgoing friend to come up with a few games. At the very least, ask a few friends to help you greet and serve guests and then enlist them to help you with clean up.

Planning A Baby Shower Tip Number Three: Be Prepared To Suggest Gift Ideas

As the host, it is going to be assumed that you have a firsthand knowledge of what the mother to be needs. It is always a great idea to have a list ready that includes the bedding she has chosen, information on where she is registered, and the sex of the baby.