Fun And Unique Baby Shower Gifts

A friend or relative has just announced the big news - they are pregnant. Along with elation at their news likely comes a certain feeling of dread. With pregnancy comes a baby shower; with the shower comes a gift. What can you buy for the mother-to-be that is useful and unique?
The Unique Gift
There are a variety of unique baby shower gifts available. Mother jewelry is always a favorite, and depending on the style chosen, can easily be added to as subsequent children come along. Many mothers appreciate Moses baskets or other co-sleeping/room-sharing aids. Art for the nursery is appropriate if you share similar tastes with the parents.
Baby shower gift options most people don't consider are keepsakes, such as handprint or footprint kits. While these are generally appreciated, remember that some new parents won't think of using them until the child is older, and others will see a potential mess rather than a memory. Thus it is very important to keep the individual you are shopping for in mind.
Another wonderful baby shower gift would be a certificate to a good photographer. Many now do photo series, such as pregnancy photos coupled with infant photos. Some women are self-conscious about how they look pregnant, but few would turn their noses up at professional pictures of their newborn - either alone or with one or both parents.
It's All In The Packaging
Unique gifts are well and good, but there are a lot of items the parents-to-be actually need. The best way to make your baby shower gift full of necessary items special is to remember that presentation is everything.
Diapers (cloth or disposable) can be organized into layers to form a "diaper cake". The tiers can be bound with ribbon or receiving blankets. Further, the cake can be decorated with rattles, pacifiers or other fun items. While this baby shower gift doesn't have anything particularly unique inside it, the display will cause it to be remembered for a long time.
Every mother-to-be needs a diaper bag, but many of those tend toward the cutesy. If the guest-of-honor is more trendy or stylish, you could be wise to consider a bag that reflects their personality. Filling the bag with diapers, wipes and other essentials makes this baby shower gift as useful as it is individual; if the bag is daddy-to-be appropriate as well, even better.

Lastly, most new parents don't think about medical supplies until they need them. Making a baby shower gift of diaper rash cream, mylicon drops, infant pain reliever, teething gel, baby-safe sunscreen, and lanolin cream for the nursing mother can seem boring. However, if each of those items was found in the center of a washcloth rose, the gift would be both a parent and crowd pleaser.
There is nothing wrong with taking easy way when shopping for a baby shower gift and using the registry. However, with a little forethought you can give the parents and baby a gift that will be remembered and one you will feel proud to have given.