Why Consider Car Rental?

There are some very obvious occasions where you would have to get involved in a car rental. If you and your family are flying to the southern islands for a vacation, then there is a really good chance that you are not going to be able to bring the family minivan onto the plane as carry on luggage. If you are doing several business trips, it would be impossible to drive to all of the meetings. Many business people refuse to use cabs and justify car rental by pointing out that if you are taking a lot of trips then cabs are more expensive per day than a car rental and a lot more inconvenient.

Besides those two scenarios, there really is no reason to rent a car, right? Have you noticed that some car rental companies are building locations in your town and the nearest airport from you is at least 30 miles? Ever wonder how they justify building locations so far away from an airport? It is because the idea of car rental is becoming more than just an airport thing as people are starting to realize how convenient it is to be able to rent a car in your own town for whatever reason you may have and then just return it and not worry about it. The idea of car rental is not only moving away from airports it is growing away from airports.

I'm At The Repair Shop

Probably one of the best ways to point out the need for car rental away from the airport is when your regular car breaks down. Many rental companies will come and pick you up from the repair shop, assist you in doing some quick paper work, and then you have a rental car for the time your car is in the shop. More than likely, your auto insurance company has a working relationship with more than one car rental company and they will assist you in getting a rental car if you are ever in an accident. If you have had to use a car rental company more than once because your regular car is broke down then you will wonder how you ever survived without it.

Many people like the unlimited miles feature that many car rental companies offer and take advantage of that on long trips. If you can spend just a couple hundred extra dollars on your two week driving vacation to save your current car the wear and tear then why wouldn't you? It is a great idea that is growing all over the country.