Anti-Cellulite Exercises

Cellulite is the naturally occurring skin condition that causes the fat cells underlying the skin to swell while the surrounding connective tissues do not. This swelling creates what looks like dimples or an "orange peel" effect on the skin surface. This phenomena occurs more in women than men because of the structural makeup of the adipose tissue of the skin. As weight is gained this area is the most susceptible to the unsightly swelling.

It is best to understand that cellulite will not go completely away, nor is it entirely a problem that "fat" people get. Even the thinnest or most healthy person will develop some cellulite swelling over time. There are many types of anti-cellulite creams, lotions and machines that claim to get rid of cellulite. However, even the best of them merely masks the condition for a short time and some will even damage the skin. Cellulite occurs naturally so an all natural course of action is the best way to reduce the problem.

A healthy diet and proper exercise have been shown to be the only safe and reasonably effective way to deal with cellulite. Even this will not completely eliminate the problem but a firmer more well toned body will have fewer fatty cells to swell up and cause the skin disfigurement. A healthy diet will contain much less excess fat in it so there is less fat needing to be stored in areas that may suffer the swelling effects of cellulite. An added advantage to treating cellulite buildup through the food you eat will give you overall healthy benefits in all aspects of your body's development.

The exercises do not need to be of the strenuous body builder type. Aerobics and power walking are all very efficient exercises to tone the skin and reduce the excess fat layers that are the cellulite culprits.