Shopping for an Electric Scooter: The Best Places to Look

You may be intimidated at first if you are looking for an electric scooter, as there are so many worthy makes and models available these days. It can definitely be confusing but if you are looking for a reliable, high quality electric scooter, then there are a couple of companies in particular you are going to want to check out.


One is e-Ride, an online company that is world-renowned for its vast selection of electric and other scooters. They are a retail business that specializes in electric bicycles, electric scooters, and electric skateboards. When you buy an electric scooter from e-Ride, you are assured the latest technology electric components, a one year warranty, and a full range of parts.

The Motorino XPa is one of the best sellers, and is really one of the new generation scooters. The motor on this scooter is designed by Greenwit Technologies. It has different winding patterns and magnets, which results in providing the rider with a high torque ride.

The Motorino ST is another popular electric scooter, a medium sized scooter that is designed to carry two people. The shorter base on this bike adds to its maneuverability and the thinner wheels reduce the amount of ground friction. The Motorino ST comes with spoke or cast aluminum wheels and a remote alarm.

Urban Scooters

For an electric scooter, Urban Scooters is the place for you. Here you will find a company that you can trust and rely on. They are considered as being America's top online destination for scooters of all sorts, and they have already helped thousands of happy customers find the scooter of their dreams.

They offer brands that you can trust, service you can count on, prices that can't be beat, a huge selection, and free shipping.

Choosing the Right Scooter

It is not only important that you choose the right company to shop at for your scooter, but also that you choose the scooter that is going to be best suited to you and your needs. If it is only going to be you using the scooter then you will have more freedom, whereas if you are planning on driving it with another person you will have to be sure to choose a scooter that is going to be able to accommodate this.

Take your time and have some patience and you will be able to find the perfect scooter for you.