Cheap Golf Club Set A Better Deal For Beginners

If you are just beginning to become interested in the game of golf and want to own your own clubs, it may be financially more responsible to look into buying a cheap golf club set just in case you quickly lose interest in the game. For many golfers a big name brand of golf clubs can break their budget only to find out they truly stink at the game and they have a bag containing several hundreds of dollars worth of metal sitting in their garage or basement with little hope of recovering their investment.

It should not be too difficult to find a cheap golf club set to start out with, at least until you find out if you are going to maintain interest in the game. Many discount retailers sell a cheap golf club set especially for those getting started in the sport and often have sales at the end of the season in their area. These types of sets can be especially appealing if a younger player is showing an interest in the game and can be used as a starter set.

Many available cheap golf club sets will include irons from three to nine, a putter, a drive and two fairway woods, typically a three and a five. While they may not carry a brand name usually seen on the professional golfer's tour, they can be of a quality that will last at least through a couple of seasons.

Things To Look For In A Cheap Set Of Clubs

When looking to buy a cheap golf club set you should check to see how the grips of the clubs feel in your hands. There are several different grades of grips and during the first season of play should not pose too much of a problem. However, if you end up using the same cheap golf club set the following year, you might want to consider replacing the grips with ones that feel better in your hands. They should be soft to the touch, yet feel sturdy enough to grip tight.

How the club heads are attached to the shaft is also important as you could end up with the heads flying off with some of the cheap golf club sets. Although unlikely, with some of the cheaper sets they have been known to fly down the fairway further than the ball. There should also be an indicator on the grip that points to the center of the club head to help achieve proper alignment when addressing the ball.