Simple Cuts Can Turn Into an Infection

It can be so hard to keep an eye on children 100 percent of the time because they can run so fast, get into so many things, and end up hurt before you even blink your eye. Of course while it is easier to keep track of a smaller child, the ones that are old enough to play outside alone are the ones that are probably most prone to getting hurt and not telling anyone.

Maybe that is because they do not care about the cut, maybe they were doing something they were not allowed to do, or maybe because they did not even feel it happen. It is these moments that are screaming for an infection to move right in because more in likely, it could be a while before a cut is treated.

We all know already that when a child or even an adult gets a cut, it needs to be washed right away and maybe even given a little triple-antibiotic ointment. We do this because we do not want that small cut turning into this big infection that could not only hurt your child on the outside, but on the inside as well. Since it is hard to watch for every bump, bruise, and cut an older child will get running around, the best thing a parent can do it educate the child on what to do if they get cut. Not only that, but really explain why so that they understand the importance of their cut not getting an infection.

Signs of Infection

It does not have to be a large cut to become infected as any small cut or scrape can end up having an infection if it is not treated properly. And even then, even when you think you cleaned the hurt area properly, there is always a risk of infection. So, when you notice the child has a cut or a scrape, make sure that you are keeping a close eye on it by checking its progress every once in a while. As long as you are taking the time to look, you will notice an infection and be able to seek medical help from your doctor or local hospital if it is really bad.

If you notice that the area has boils or other skin lumps then you may be looking at an infection, which will need to be treated. Also, if you are noticing that the area that was scraped or scratched is extra sore, feels hot to the touch, or is showing some pus being released, then this is an infection and medical attention by professionals should be given. And when you are looking at an infants or a very young child that has an infection, you may notice some peeling or scaling skin and this should be brought to the attention of medical professionals.