New Trends In Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Conventional wisdom in the fashion industry is that accessories can make or break an outfit. Sunglasses, jewelry, belts, handbags, and shoes can change the entire look of an ensemble, making it look sloppy, formal, or put together just right.

Cabinet Hardware: Jewelry For Your Kitchen

Think of choosing your kitchen cabinet hardware the way you would choose accessories for a fashion outfit. Like fashion accessories, kitchen cabinet hardware can change the entire look of your kitchen. Think of the knobs and pulls on your cabinets as the jewelry your kitchen wears every day.

Current trends in kitchen cabinet hardware have a little bit of something for everyone. Today's consumers like to use their own decorating styles, regardless of decorating trends. As a result, there is no one style of decorating today that is a "must have" for today's homeowner. Instead, each homeowner wants to decorate in the style that appeals to him or her, and designers have responded to this trend by creating fresh kitchen cabinet hardware for every decorating style.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Think of a mid-century modern ranch house, a sprawling single story home with clean lines and streamlined style. What kind of hardware would you expect to find on the kitchen cabinets?

Designers have answered the call of the mid-century ranch with oversized plexiglass cabinet pulls. These pulls stretch nearly the entire width of the drawer or door. They are clear plain plexiglass strips that attach to drawer and door fronts and show the color or finish of the surface below.

Old World Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Another current trend in hardware is pulls and knobs with antiqued finishes, like crackle-finish porcelain, weathered metal, and hand-rubbed metals. Brushed metal surfaces fall into this category, while shiny metal surfaces are considered modern or traditional.

Jewel Tone Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

If your kitchen has a Spanish or Moroccan feel, or if you just want to add some color to a white kitchen, check out the new jewel tone glass cabinet pulls. These glass knobs, in deep shades of ruby, emerald, topaz, and amber, are overlaid in cut metal covers that resemble ancient Moroccan scrollwork.

Mix And Match Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

If you have a whimsical personality and a colorful kitchen, break out of the mold using mix and match hardware. You can use a different looking knob or pull on every cabinet in your kitchen.

If you decide to mix and match, use a theme to unify the knobs and pulls. Use kitchen cabinet hardware pulls and knobs that are the same color, or have the same metallic finish, or are all the same size, so your kitchen cabinet hardware doesn't look too crazy.