What is a Natural Skin Care Product?

A natural skin care product means that the skin care product has been made with natural ingredients. A natural ingredient may be included in the recipe or the product may have been made entirely with natural ingredients. Other skin care products are different from other skin care products because unlike natural skin care products, the ingredients in other skin care products may be synthetic, industrial grade, toxic or otherwise harsh.

Skin Care Ingredients are Absorbed into the Skin

The problem with the harsh and synthetic ingredients that are used in other skin care products is that your skin will absorb what is put on it. If you put synthetic, industrial grade, toxic and harsh chemicals on your skin, they will soak into your skin.

So many synthetic and harsh chemicals are used in personal care products that it is unknown what the long-term effects will be. Some ingredients, such as phthalates and petroleum-based ingredients out of thousands of harsh ingredients, have gained public notice. In many cases, the personal care chemicals are being applied as part of a daily routine for most people.

Surrounded by Chemical Laden Products

Shampoos, soaps, cleansing bars, lotions, creams and powders are all examples of skin care products that typically have harsh ingredients in their formula. When you choose a natural skin care product as an alternative to these chemical laden formulas, you are choosing a product that will be safer and mild to apply to your skin.

Natural Ingredients

The natural ingredients in natural products can range from natural food-grade ingredients, herbs, essential oils, natural soap, vegetable, waxes, floral waxes, beeswax, resins and other plant parts. Food grade ingredients that can be found in natural skin care products include oils, grains, salts, fruits, vegetables and dairy products.

When you use harsh chemicals on your skin, whatever is not absorbed by your skin will go down the drain when you shower or bathe. If it does not go down the drain, it will dry on your skin and dissipate into the environment. It has nowhere else to go. By using a natural skin care product, you are reducing the amount of harsh chemicals that enter the environment.

A natural skin care product has many benefits for you and the environment. Not only are natural skin care products good for your skin, natural skin care products are easier on the environment.

Applying the natural ingredients of a natural skin care product directly to your skin allows your skin to draw nourishment directly from the source. You may see immediate results because of the goodness that is in natural skin care product.