Quit Smoking Side Effects: What To Expect While Quitting Smoking

The idea of quitting smoking is very appealing to most people, as they realize the benefits that can occur when they quit smoking. However, many are intimidated by the thought of the quit smoking side effects that will occur when they begin the process of breaking the habit of smoking.

Finding out what types of quit smoking side effects can happen will allow for the smoker to be prepared for any potential problems.

Quit Smoking Side Effects: What To Look For

When looking at the quit smoking side effects it must first be understood that this is an addiction and like any other addiction, it is difficult to kick the habit as the substance of nicotine has become a necessary ingredient for the body.

Nicotine as we now know is highly addictive and the body becomes reliant on this drug to get through the day. By stopping smoking, and no longer supplying the body with a needed chemical, there is a reaction within the body as it craves nicotine.

This type of reaction can be intense and painful, after all a person is depriving their body of a substance that they have become use to and need. By going cold turkey a person may have anywhere from several days to several weeks of quit smoking side effects.

This type of chemical reaction can involve pain and depression. For those that are already prone to depression, it may be advisable to contact their physician in order to find out what alternatives there are to help them through this difficult time. There may be some prescription drugs that can help combat the depression that may set in during this period of withdrawal from the nicotine. By being prepared for feelings of anxiety or depression a person can have a support group in place to help them cope with the quit smoking side effects.

Some people experience weight gain and fatigue when they begin the process of quitting smoking. Knowing ahead of time that these can be an issue can again prepare a person for these reactions. For some, finding new ways to deal with the stress of stopping smoking can also assist with the entire process of stopping smoking.

Some ways that can help include meditating or finding an exercise program to not only get in shape but also help them focus on something other than smoking. Having friends to talk with during this period is also very helpful, and some even find attending a stop smoking counseling group can be beneficial.

Keep in mind that the quit smoking side effects will end, and a healthier person will be the result.