Find Out What Causes Indigestion and Be Prepared

Indigestion is not something that you would term as a serious health problem, yet ask anyone who is regularly plagued by this condition and they would tell you what an inconvenience it can create. Some of the symptoms of indigestion are acute heartburn, inability to lie down (to sleep), nausea, headache and vomiting in various degrees.

What Causes Indigestion - Facts You Know But Have Ignored So Far

Ask anyone about what causes indigestion and you will find that everybody has a fair idea about the factors that cause it. Why is indigestion so common then? This happens because most people knowingly choose to abuse their digestive systems.

Indigestion happens when the stomach is unable to break down the food that you have ingested. Why that happens? There are many factors that sabotage the ability of your stomach to digest food of which eating fast is the most dangerous. Most people today do not chew their food properly; they would rather wolf it down with the help of a glass of water as if their lives depended on how fast they could finish their meal.

In order to digest your food well, you need to work along with your digestive system not against it. The first level of digestion is in the mouth when the food is masticated and mixed with saliva. You need to chew your food thoroughly for this to happen. This is why you are always advised that a meal should not take less than 20 minutes to consume.

When you eat fast the food is sent to the stomach without this preamble making it tougher to break the food down. The stomach reacts to this development by producing more acid which you dilute with the water you drink along with the meal. As you can see here the answer to what causes indigestion is primarily eating so fast that you send the food to the stomach in too large chunks.

Avoid What Causes Indigestion with Good Habits That Promote Digestion Naturally

When you look for what causes indigestion, notice what foods you are eating, especially before bedtime. There are foods that promote the formation of acid in the stomach and if you regularly suffer from indigestion, it is time you checked what you ate.

Another important factor that causes indigestion is overeating. Stick to small servings. Ideally you should eat to fill up only three quarters of your stomach to allow it space to grind the food you eat. This is why it is important that you pay attention to the quantity of food you take in your plate and the speed with which you eat it. It is better to eat four to five small meals than only two (lunch and dinner) heavy ones.