Popular iPhone Games

The iPhone is Apple's latest i-product to hit the market. It is basically a 2.75 G quad-band GSM mobile phone packed with features sure to impress one and all. It comes with text messaging functionality, email reading and sending capabilities, as well as internet web browsing features. It is built with an integrated 2.0 megapixel camera, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity functions.

Its impressive 4 gigabyte, or 8 gigabyte, depending on which model type one gets, file storage capacity ideally makes the iPhone a four in one gadget, basically making it a mobile phone, an iPod alternative, a portable video file player and a portable internet web browser.

One nice thing about the iPhone is the aspect of iPhone games, which iPhone users could easily install into their iPhones. Here are some of the more popular iPhone games iPhone users have come to love and enjoy.


As with most iPhone games, Gikis stands to be a fun filled game, sure to provide players hours of quality gaming entertainment. Players are tasked to save a crew of sailors from a shark attack with Gikis. The whole game concept may sound monotonous, but it simply isn't.


Another popular iPhone game among iPhone games would be iTrek. Players are tasked to maneuver a ship, given certain constraints to consider, through a series of landscapes. Simple, basic, and fun, iTrek is quite the game for iPhone users.

Outer Wars

Outer wars is a 3D shooting game. Picture a "Star Wars"-like space ship shooting chase, and you've pretty much gotten the concept of the game. Again, the game concept may sound monotonous, but Outer Wars is one iPhone game worth having.


This may be among the most violent of iPhone games around, as EuroDarts involves a classic dart game, featuring a human target as a plus. But of course this hasn't stopped this game into becoming one of the most popular iPhone games available.


Just like the classic hangman word game, this iPhone game version of Hangman is quite easy to play, as well as intellectually challenging. It negates the need for a pen and paper. Other than that, it is simply the old Hangman game everyone loves to play.

Bobble Heads

Bobble Heads is somewhat a historical game featuring some of America's best "bobble heads". It is not exactly a game, perse, minus the fact that guessing who the featured "bobble head" is proves to be the whole game concept.

These and more iPhone games are sure to impress iPhone users, even giving the iPhone another function title; mobile gaming device.