A New Frontier: Nintendo Wii Video Games

Most video games are designed with plot in mind, or maybe even character development. Game play takes a back seat to the creation of a world so enthralling, so complicated, that players are literally hooked by fantasy. Sometimes, translating these worlds to a traditional controller is tough, and even the best games can be harmed by difficult controls.

But for decades, video game controllers have been relatively universal - controllers with buttons and joysticks, fashioned to be held with two hands. While this has provided a direction for video game developers, it has also implemented limitations. With such a small amount of creativity, developers really have to limit exactly what happens in the games.

For Nintendo Wii video game developers, however, the possibilities are endless. Thanks to the Nintendo Wii remote, a controller that allows for both motion sensitivity on three axes and optical sensitivity, video game designers are in design heaven. No longer are they limited by the capabilities of a traditional controller. Instead, the movements of their characters, and the desires of those characters, can be emulated with the use of the Nintendo Wii remote, and if the remote itself is not good enough, a new controller can be designed to take Nintendo Wii video gaming to the next level.

Video Game Heaven

The Nintendo franchise offers a lot of characters for Nintendo Wii video game developers to play with, including Mario, Zelda and Metroid. And the remote itself allows developers to manipulate these characters, and these classic platform games, in ways never before dreamt of. However, some of the most popular Nintendo Wii video games are those games that were never before thought possible, sporting games that literally put the action back in the drama. Wii Sports is one of the most popular games - it allows gamers to literally play a wide-array of sports. They can bowl and swing, throw and run, all with the use of the Nintendo Wii, and of course their own dexterity and physical fitness.

Because of the unique capabilities of the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii video games are being developed specifically to take advantage of this newness. New controllers are constantly released to allow players to better interact with the gaming environment, and some games are even aimed at increasing the fitness of video gamers, forcing them to use more of their body to complete missions and solve puzzles. With the flexibility of the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii video game engineers can rejoice. If they can dream it, the console can probably do it.