Easy Pet Photography Techniques

Time goes by so fast, especially when you share your life with pets. Since pets lives are often a lot shorter than yours, it is vital to get good photographs of your pet when you can before either the pet grows up or the pet passes away. The pet won't mind not having a photo taken of him or her, but you will. Here are some easy pet photography techniques for busy pet owners.

Make Sure You Have The Right Equipment

Any kind of camera can often pick up larger pets like dogs, cats or horses. But with smaller pets like dwarf hamsters, gerbils and fancy mice, you need a camera that can capture such tiny details. If you use a regular fixed focus camera, Polaroid or a cell phone camera, you will just get a photo of a tiny blur and not an accurate representation of your pet.

If you don't have the right kind of cameras with adjustable focuses and zoom lenses, then the best pet photography technique for you is to invest in a professional pet portrait. Pet photographers often come around to big pet stores so you don't have to travel very far. They often keep the negative for years, so you can pay for prints when convenient.

Contrasting Backgrounds

Another pet photography technique often overlooked by the busy pet owner is that the pet winds up blending into the background. In order to make your pet stand out, the background should be a contrasting color to the dominant color of your pet. For example, if you have a white cat, make the background a dark color.

Take A Lot Of Photos

Pets often love to be adored and quickly figure out what a camera is. But pets don't seem to realize that they have to stay still. And they get easily distracted. Make up for this by taking several snaps of your pet during each "shoot". In this way, you will also learn better pet photography techniques by experience.

Give The Pet Exercise First

If your pet is a little hyper and won't stay still often, then try this photography technique - only try to photograph them when they are tired. Remember, a tired pet is often a well behaved pet. Make sure your dog has had a play session first, for example. If you want to get photos of your pet playing, then you need to invest in higher speed film. And be sure to always praise your pet for being such a good supermodel.