Making Memories: Photography Ideas

Photography is the art of still-life, of making memories. A photograph can capture a moment in time and keep it young and alive forever. Through photographs, celebrations, weddings, graduations and vacations can feel like yesterday; photographs have the power to preserve the past, and to carry it into the future. However, there are many styles and techniques including in the art of photography. Depending on the situation, certain photography ideas will be more successful for others. There are times to take conservative photographs, and there are times to experiment. There are times to include portraits, and times to stick to landscapes. Photography ideas can help both the amateur photographer and the expert photographer hone their techniques, further their art and make the best memories possible.

Finding Style

One of the first decisions any photographer must make is his or her source of inspiration. The subject affects most other photography ideas; equipment and editing will depend on the environment. Portraits are more or less stationary, staged photographs. These photographs of people are popular after proms and for family Christmas cards. Portrait photographers often have little room for creativity; their art and style shines through in the lighting and the detail, the pose and the perfect smile. A lot of technicalities and a little luck combine to make the best portrait photography ideas.

Other photography ideas involving people are candid photographs, such as images of sports stars or dancers, concerts or weddings. These photographs capture a moment, while portraits create a moment. Candid photographs are the most essential to memories; usually, the subjects are unaware of the photographer, and even if they are, something special can be captured and kept forever. Sometimes, the scene is equally important; a group smiling or caught in the act in front of a beautiful lake or a historical building will mean a lot more than the same group photographed in a restaurant. These photograph ideas are truly the pinnacle of talent and a creative eye; while many amateur photographers will focus on the moment, expert photographers have the ability to transform these memories into works of art, with perfect focus, lighting, contrast and composition.

There are a lot of differences between indoor and outdoor photography. Internal lighting is a lot more consistent, and while a flash must usually be used, the environment can easily be controlled. Outdoors, however, nothing is predictable, and the elements are constantly changing. While this can pose a challenge to some photographers, others will see it as a wealth of photography ideas. From storm clouds to filtered sunlight, shadows to distant mountain ranges, outdoor environments can provide a plethora of natural photographic effects. Aside from natural effects, however, photographers can create their own photography ideas with their equipment. From traditional cameras to digital cameras, photographers can make their art in numerous mediums. Various effects, including diffusers, filters, zoom lenses and panoramic elements, can be added to photographs during the shoot or during the editing process. These photography ideas, while capturing memories, also allow photographers to express themselves and to develop the artistic side of their practical professions.