Glamour Photography Has Gone Through Many Transitions

Since movie stars first started appearing in magazines, glamour photography often focused on the subject and used lighting and angles to make the subject appear more physically appealing. During World War II pictures of pin-ups of scantily clad females was used to supposedly peak the troops' interests and give them something to look forward to on their return home. Magazines that displayed certain types of glamour photography when they were first published were controversial and many were considered pornographic in nature.

As time passed, the use of nudes in photography became more accepted and many magazines as well as art shows began featuring glamour photography with the focus on the model. While still using lighting and posing to emphasize the model's appeal, the model's form was still meant to be the main focus of the picture.

Shying away from nude or art photography, glamour photography enlarged its appeal by instead of using nude models, used implied nudity in the form. Often the choice of men and women, this type of photography gave the hint that the model was wearing less clothing than they really were, focusing on the form while leaving the question of attire to the imagination of the viewer.

Imaginative Costumes Make The Picture Count

In most glamour photography studios, the use of costumes meant to hide certain attributes of the model are used, while making it appear the person has little clothing on. This is intended to increase the appeal of the model while maintaining their so-called dignity. Cosmetics and special hair designs are often included in glamour photography to make the model appear as celebrity or as a real life model. While predominantly used by females, there are many males that also participate in these photo sessions to use as a gift for a loved one.

Many couples use glamour photography to present their partner with an appealing photograph of themselves with implied nudity without actually having to remove all of their clothing. Still, some angles at which the pictures are taken increase the allure of the photograph, such as the female using a hand-bra to cover her upper torso. Feather boas are also popular as props for glamour photography as they give the false impression of nudity.

There are many traveling glamour photography studios that visit areas and take pictures, traveling with professionals for hairstyles and makeup as well as costumes to bring the opportunity to nearly everyone. A few weeks later the finished glamour photography pictures are delivered and people can view themselves as they want others to see them.