Make a Scene with Photography Backdrops

In a photography studio, scenery is limited. Unlike outdoor photography, lighting and environment, ambiance and mood is unnatural, imitation and artificial; however, this does not mean studio portraits must be lifeless. In fact, portraits can be some of the most living, breathing photographs, since the camera is focused only on the details of the individuals, bringing out each feature, quirk and characteristic. With photography backdrops, a studio photographer can truly give his or her client options. While the person will still be the center of attention, photography backdrops have the power to alter moods and atmosphere, create auras and personality, and set the tone and flavor of the memory. From Christmas cards to prom portraits, studio photographs capture memories and unite the past with the future, and thanks to photography backdrops, these portraits can be as unique and emotional as any landscape, candid or artistic photograph.

Back to Basics

Traditional photography backdrops are made of muslin and are usually dull colored and lightly patterned. These backgrounds, popular on school portrait days, roll up and travel with the photographer. With a decent lighting set, however, these backdrops can add a little life to the portraits, but they do not really add much mood or atmosphere. Instead, they simply help to make the subject the prominent focus of the portrait, which is better than nothing but does not really create a unique photograph. They create contrast, and bring out the colors of the subject, but if the backdrop is similar to the subject's clothing, or if the light is off, these photography backdrops can do more harm than good. Traditional material photography backdrops serious limit the talents of photographers and the options of customers; while most students have no choice or really do not care on yearbook day, families interested in holiday portraits will want to pose in front of something memorable, not the same background as every other family who visits this particular photographer.

With modern technology, however, photographers and the photographed alike do not have to be limited to monochrome and patterned portraits. With digital photography backdrops, any scene, color, environment or location can be conjured at request. In other words, customers no longer have to pose in front of a certain background, attempting to fit the created ambiance. Instead, the portrait can be taken, and afterward, an appropriate background can be added digitally, perfecting the match between subject and backdrop, and creating the ideal mood and atmosphere. Thanks to the technology of photography backdrops, families can select snow-draped forests or fireplaces for their Christmas portraits, and prom dates can choose romantic beaches, arches or vine-laced buildings for their special night.