Taking A Look At Types Of Photography

One of the exciting features of photography is that it is still a relatively new artistic medium. Just when you think photography has reached its limits, some photographer goes and pushes the boundaries further. Although new kinds of film, equipment and developing processes are being made all of the time, the most important aspect of any of the types of photography is the photographer.


The most challenging and sometimes most incomprehensible type of photography is artistic photography. This can include trick photography, Photoshopped images done on home computers or mixed medium photographs. The end result is a picture of the photographer's imagination, not necessarily an accurate representation of what is being photographed. If you don't like rules, then artistic photography is the type of photography for you.


This is the most traditional type of photography, because it is the main reason why people will pay professional photographers. Portrait photography is an art in and of itself, irregardless of who or what you are taking a portrait of. You are not only trying to get a good, clear photograph of the subject, but you are also trying to capture part of their personalities.

Landscape and aerial photography can also be considered as types of portrait photography. Instead of taking an accurate representation of a person or animal and trying to capture some of their personality, you do the same for a piece of land or part of a city. Like portraiture, you also hope to capture more than just the physical attributes.


This is the arguably the most lucrative type of photography currently available on the planet, which incorporates all of the other types of photography listed above. The image becomes a photographic painting intending to convey a powerful and unforgettable message. This is another type of photography that doesn't like rules and is constantly pushing the boundaries of what photography is and what it can be.

Photo Journalism

This is one of the hardest types of photography to do, and also the most dangerous. Photo journalists are reporters with a camera. Not only do you have to have a good knowledge of photography skills, but you also need to sense when important news is taking place. Remember the one guy standing in front of the column of tanks in Tiananmen Square? That was video journalism, but the still images from there are incredibly powerful. News reports can quickly be forgotten, but the images form part of the subconscious of our lives.