The Latest Sciatica Advisory: What Can Help This Condition

Sciatica nerve damage is a painful condition. People that have sciatica nerve problems experience pain, tingling in legs, shooting pain down their legs, and even foot pain can be associated with the sciatica nerve.

This condition occurs when the sciatica nerve, which runs from the base of the spine down the back of the legs. This large nerve can become damaged and result in pain for the person.

Damage can happen when discs become herniated or bulge, the spinal column is impacted by a trauma, tumors along the spinal column or there are even conditions that restrict the area in which the nerves run. All of these conditions impact or put pressure on the sciatica nerve.

The Latest Sciatica Advisory: What To Do

If you suspect that you have a sciatica nerve problem it is important to seek medical advice. The latest sciatica advisory suggests that getting on the path of proper treatment can help this condition.

A doctor will run some tests and discuss possible causes of sciatica nerve damage. Often the sciatica nerve just needs time to heal and rest may be the best of the latest sciatica advisory suggestions.

A doctor may also prescribe some medications that can help with the inflammation that may be surrounding the nerve and putting pressure onto the sciatica nerve. These medications may include steroids that are known to work well with inflammation. A combination of rest and anti-inflammatory medications may be all that is needed to treat the problem, but in some instances more intervention is needed.

If the symptoms don't improve, the latest sciatica advisory suggests pursuing other forms of treatment. Sometimes massage or physical therapy can be helpful. Massaging the nerve area can help and physical therapy can also assist.

Surgery is another option and is usually regulated as a last result. Surgery may be needed if a disc is herniated or damaged. By having surgery the pressure is removed from the sciatica nerve and the pain is eliminated. Surgery of course comes with its own complications and the recovery time is longer than other forms of treatment, but in the end this may be the only way to fully recover from sciatica nerve damage.

The latest sciatica advisory suggests that speaking with a physician to discover a course of treatment is the best choice. If your experiencing symptoms of sciatica nerve damage, consult with your physician and get yourself on the road to recovery.