Methods of Self-defense for Women

Women are prone to aggressions by men. In the history of mankind, women have been considered having low status than men socially, economically and politically. Women were regarded as physically weak. The weakness of women's physical strength has been taken advantage by men. Women, in the hands of unscrupulous men, are likely to be victims of rape and sexual harassment.

Although the culture of humans have radically changed the status of women in the society, women are still probable to assaults mostly sexually by men. Women can also be harassed by other women with higher status or with dominant strength.

Sexual rape is among the heinous crimes that can be committed by men to women although it is possible that men and even women can rape men. However, the cases of sexual rape of women by men are on the record numerous. The damage that can cause by men to women is more than just the physical blow. Harassment can have psychological and emotional effects on female victims. The psychological and emotional effects of rape on the female victims can also affect her social life.

The cases of sexual harassment of women by men are very alarming. Feminist groups have taken liberal means to counter this issue. These groups that passionately campaign for women dignity and respect have also helped women who have been victimized by sexual rape.

Rape is among the unfortunate occurrences that can happen to women. However, women can also do their part to counter the sexual assault. Campaigns about self-defense for women can be found in the media and elsewhere. Self-defense for women can empower women and can even give them the strength to face the challenges of assault.

The most popular form of self-defense for women is the learning of martial art techniques and moves. Learning the martial arts can help women in situations that involve rape and harassment.

Martial art pertains to the systems of combat skills with or without the use of weapons. There are several techniques of martial arts that can be learned by women. The popular techniques in martial arts are mostly originated in East and Southeast Asian countries. Shaolin Kung fu, Taekwondo and Judo are among the popular forms of martial arts. Boxing is another form of martial that can be used as self-defense for women.

Women can protect themselves from sexual harassment when they learn and practice martial art techniques.

The use of weapons can also be regarded as self-defense for women. However, weapons are lethal and carrying them anywhere is illegal.

Aside from knowing the techniques of martial arts, women can also protect themselves by being vigilant. That means staying away from places in which they are prone to attacks.

Several sites on the internet can provide the necessary information about self-defense for women. There are sites about martial arts to those who want to learn the techniques. A product such as anti-rape female condom can also be used a method of self-defense. Information about this can be found on the internet.