Get in Touch with Nature at the Sunrise Ski Resort

The Sunrise ski resort is owned by the White Mountain Apache tribe and offers excitement and fun for the whole family. The Sunrise ski resort location in the White Mountains makes this ski resort peerless in terms of beauty. Guests are bound to feel themselves closer to nature the minute they arrive. Sunrise ski resort is the perfect getaway anytime of the year. It's location means that there is something to do outdoors all year round.

Perfect Slopes

The slopes at Sunrise ski resort vary in difficulty and are perfect for everyone. There's a trail for beginners as well as advanced skiers who want a challenge. There are also trails for little ones who can't quite manage beginner trails meant for adults. The 65 runs will definitely offer the whole family something, whether it's a fun day of easy skiing or an all day cross country trail that you're looking for. Sunrise ski resort also offers separate trails for snowboarders for those who like their winter sports to be a little more extreme.

Accommodation to Suit You

Sunrise ski resort offers rooms from the standard to the truly luxurious with personal jacuzzi and dining area. All rooms are comfortable and tastefully furnished and available throughout winter and summer. However if you prefer to rough it there are also camping grounds and an RV park. Places are available both in the summer and the winter. The camping grounds are far from the distractions and frantic pace of the city. Offering you the perfect chance to immerse yourself totally in nature.


The Sunrise ski resort also offers daycare and fun activities for children. The activities include both indoor and outdoor activities. For slightly older children there are lessons available with the focus firmly on fun. Children will benefit from learning in a group environment with children their own age, it is a less intimidating and more fun. Lessons include snowboarding and skiing.

Other Activities

During the summer horse riding is available and varies in length according to age. Even the little ones can take part in horseback rides with a trail guide who will guide them. A specially designed lift can carry bikers and their bikes to the top of Sunrise Mountain for a day of exploring the trails. Fishing is also a favorite pastime of guests visiting Sunrise ski resort. There is plenty of Rainbow, Brook and Apache trout in the Sunrise lake. You can fish from shore or rent a boat and go out to the middle of the lake to fish if you would like. There's always something to do at Sunrise ski resort no matter what.