4 Great Stress Relievers

Stress, a biopsychosocial reaction to changing environment, is an integral part of our lives. We experience stress every day. Although a certain amount of stress is needed for our survival, when there is too much of it, we cannot stand it any longer. This is why we need stress relievers, so that we can free our mind from stressful experiences and become less affected due to it. In this article, we will shed light on four great stress relievers that you will definitely find worthwhile when coping with stressors.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is one of best natural stress relievers. It is so effective in relieving stress that many health care organizations now adopt it as an important component of their treatment policy. Using a guided imagery technique, professional therapists help their clients to attain the state of maximum relaxation. At their state of maximum relaxation, clients become able to touch the level of subconscious, the ultimate form of true wisdom, which helps them to discover the ways for reducing stress.


One of the most effective natural stress relievers, self-hypnosis is considered another valuable mind tool that helps in overcoming fear and anxiety as well as reducing stress. Similar to guided imagery, professional therapists help their clients to attain maximum relaxation level. Hypnosis is especially useful when you try to combat against lifestyle problems, especially addiction. Self-hypnosis is learned with the help of professional therapists. Once learned, you can easily take the advantage of self-hypnosis while coping with different stressful situations.

Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is one of the most useful stress relievers today that most therapists prefer to use. This is a technique for reversing the fight-or-flight response by attaining a state of meditation and increased level of self-awareness with the primary goal of relaxation. Since autogenic training is able to reverse the reaction of stress, it has been found as one of the most effective stress relievers that help in relieving stress in both short-term anxiety and long-term chronic stress responses. It even helps in improving irregular bowel syndrome.

Journaling Technique

An effective technique for self-exploration and building self-knowledge, journaling technique helps an individual to explore his own feelings and thoughts in relation to different changing events in life. With the help of journaling technique, one writes his innermost feelings and cognitive responses as encountered in different stressful events. Not only is the journaling technique one of the best stress relievers, but it also works as a great problem-solving tool because one can easily analyze his own reaction to certain environmental stimuli.