Floating Aquarium Plants for Freshwater Aquariums

Setting up an aquarium is one of the things aquarium hobbyists do. Aquarium is an enclosed environment containing live aquatic creatures. Fishes and other marine mammals that can thrive in a manmade structure are placed in an aquarium.

There are differences on the contents of aquarium. Marine aquarium contains aquatic creatures that live in saltwater environment while freshwater aquariums display fishes coming from less saline bodies of water. There are also variations in the species of plants that can be put in each type of aquarium.

Placing aquarium plants into the aquarium can enhance its appearance. It could look like having a natural habitat to aquatic creatures in an enclosed environment.

There are various kinds of aquatic plants that are suitable to be placed in an aquarium. They vary in a wide range. Some are suited for freshwater aquariums while others in marine aquariums. Aquarium plants that can be placed on the water surface are called floating aquarium plants. Some varieties of this kind of aquarium plants can be found submerged in the aquarium water but not touching the bottom.

Examples of floating aquarium plants include Amazon Frogbit, red-floating plant or Phyllanthus fluitans and Riccia fluitans or crystalwort. Although these plants are commonly found in fishing ponds, they can be integrated in the waters of the aquarium.

Crystalwort or Riccia fluitans is a popular species of floating aquatic plants. This can grow rapidly at the water surface and may form a dense mat when an aquarium is placed 2 to 3 inches below a fluorescent bulb.

Phyllanthus fluitans is a water plant that is endemic in South America and has reddish colored leaves. It may look beautiful when exposed to light.

Amazon Frogbit is a decorative aquatic plant that can thrive in open aquariums.

Water hyacinth, water lettuce and parrot's feather are other aquatic plants that can be used as floating aquarium plants. Floating aquarium plants are normally placed in freshwater aquariums.

Floating aquarium plants can be beautiful enhancements to freshwater aquariums. Obtaining this kind of plants can be made electronically. There are websites that offer floating aquarium plants. LiveAquaria.com is an example of online sites that offer floating aquarium plants. You could also find this variety of plants and other freshwater aquarium plants in freshwateraquariumplants.com.

You can check for valuable information of floating aquarium plants online. It would be better to have knowledge on what species of plants suitable to be placed in an aquarium.