Glass and Acrylic Fish Tanks

When fish and other aquatic creatures are collected for display, it is perhaps viable to place them in an enclosure that can be filled with water. A bowl and fish tanks are choices of structure for an aquarium. A glass bowl may have certain limitations depending on the size while fish tanks are popularly preferred for its cube-like form, easy maintenance and convenient integration of aquarium equipment.

Fish tanks are popularly seen in cuboid form. However, the aquarium can be shaped differently and can be cylindrical, hexagonal, octagonal or any shape as the aquarist may desire.

Fish tanks are normally made from transparent materials popularly of glass structure. Glass panes that are bonded together using silicone are popular raw materials in the construction of aquariums particularly fish tanks. In recent years, however, many fish tanks made from acrylic can be found and have been preferably used by some aquarists. Acrylic fish tanks are transparent materials similar to glass but they are deemed to be stronger than glass in composition.

Acrylic fish tank is the closest rival to glass fish tanks in home fish-keeping. The material, aside from its better strength quality than glass, is lighter than the latter. Easy transportability can be experienced when using acrylic fish tanks.

Moreover, acrylic fish tanks are not as fragile as glass fish tanks. Thus, cracks and leaks that could occur in glass fish tanks may not come with acrylic fish tanks. Scratching can happen in acrylic fish tanks which could diminish the appearance of an aquarium, however, there are ways to remedy this problem.

Acrylic fish tanks can be customized. It can be shaped differently according to the preference of an aquarist. It has been deemed to be preferred for beginner aquarists.

There are different companies that manufacture acrylic fish tanks. There are companies that can produce fish tanks made from acrylic of any shapes and sizes for homes, buildings, resorts and any commercial establishments. One of the companies that manufacture acrylic fish tanks and that serve high-end clients is Acrylic Tank Manufacturing.

Based in Las Vegas, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing or ATM has over a hundred years of experience in aquarium industry. Its people are skilled in the manufacturing and installation including design of custom aquarium systems. Its location in the popular entertainment capital of the world is a strategic one. However, it has clients in various parts of the world spanning the America and Asia-Pacific.

ATM is one of the companies with highly-skilled expertise in manufacturing acrylic fish tanks.

The choice for purchasing acrylic fish tanks is not limited to one company. You could find other companies near in your area or on the Internet that can provide this material in fish-keeping.