The Differences of Marine Aquarium

A vivarium that contains species coming from the saltwater environment is called marine aquarium. This kind of aquarium is in contrast to the freshwater aquarium in different ways. Marine aquarium contains aquatic flora and fauna from saltwater seas. Freshwater aquarium has inhabitants coming from lakes and rivers and other freshwater bodies of water.

Marine aquarium would require more supplies and equipment to set up and maintain than freshwater systems. It may need filtration equipment, aquarium heater and lighting. This type of aquarium is normally made from acrylic and glass. Maintenance of marine aquaria has been deemed to be more extensive than freshwater ones.

Moreover, the inhabitants that can be placed into a marine aquarium could be more expensive than freshwater ones. Marine aquarium can be more colorful than freshwater type probably because of the existence of different species of fishes that thrive in saline water and multicolored corals and sea plants. The species that can be placed in marine aquarium have come from endemic places where bright tropical fishes and other aquatic animals and plants abound. Most of the fishes that can be preferably placed in a marine aquarium are derived from the tropical seas of Africa, Red Sea and Southeast Asia.

There are different species of fish and marine organisms that can be placed into a marine aquarium. Pecrula clownfish , pufferfish , scars, jeweled blennies, horsefish and blue damsels are some of the popular and favorite species kept by aquarium hobbyists in marine aquaria.

There are different types of marine aquarium classified by aquarium hobbyists. They are differentiated according to composition. There are marine aquaria that only contain fish with grains of gravel. Another type of marine aquarium is the live rock aquarium. This type contains ocean rock which is composed of decomposing coral skeleton and limestone and microfauna which are preferably herbivorous.

Having a live rock inside a marine aquarium can be provide a buffer to high alkalinity and can ensure a healthy environment for microfauna. Some microfaunas that are popularly found in live rock aquarium include snail, crab, brittle stars, limpets and abalones. Sea urchins, coral, sea sponge and anemones can also be placed in this kind of marine aquarium.

Reef aquarium is perhaps the most colorful type of marine aquarium. It can compose of live corals and aquatic animals. The setup of this kind of aquarium varies according to the preference of the hobbyists and amount and diversion of fish.

Fish only, live rock with microfauna and reef aquariums are different types of marine aquarium. The cost and the amount of equipment to set up and maintain varies according to types and the preferences of the hobbyists.